About the Conference


SMEs’ road to digitalisation 

The biennial SME Conference organised by SME Corp. Malaysia is back this year with a special focus on digitalisation of SMEs. Themed ‘Embracing Change, Enhancing Gain’, this Conference will deliberate on opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) especially on how those in the traditional sectors and least prepared take up the challenges and reap the benefit of digital transformation. The Conference will create a platform for discussion, exchange of information and best practices for SMEs who want to embrace digitalisation.


Topics include

  • Digitalisation: A boost or disruption to traditional business? - how can small businesses can innovate their traditional operating processes or create entirely new business models to converge physical and digital technologies. 
  • Ten Strategies to Market Your Business through Social Media - using social media as powerful marketing tool!
  • Women 4.0: The Beautiful Mix of Business - critical role of women in business and supply chain as well as the importance of fostering relationships and inspiring women to reach their career goals and aspirations. 
  • Young & In-Demand - inspirational journey of young entrepreneurs into digital entrepreneurship as a young entrepreneur.
  • The Future of Work: Touchstones in Reshaping our Youth - connecting youth to the megatrend and digital future


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